Visual Dictionary Online



PONS 2 in 1 Wörterbuch Englisch (2 in 1 English Dictionary)

2 in 1: PONS Bildwörterbuch (visual dictionary) plus PONS Basiswörterbuch (comprehensive dictionary)

  • Clearly structured layout containing around 50,000 keywords and expressions

  • Around 3,600 colour illustrations in the well-known visual dictionary quality

  • With numerous phrases for essential topics (greetings, eating out, smalltalk…)



PONS Großes Bildwörterbuch (Big Visual Dictionary)

Around 35,000 terms in each language

  • Updated 2008 edition

  • 750 topics in 17 chapters

  • The very latest terminology compiled by experts

  • 6,000 outstanding colour illustrations on 1,000 pages

  • Find the right term - from the word to the picture and from the picture to the word