Navigate within the dictionary

The Bildwörterbuch Online employs a tree structure. The 15 themes at the top of the structure are divided into sub-themes, then into subjects and sub-subjects. These levels of increasing detail provide access to all of the content screens of the dictionary.

The themes, sub-themes, subjects and sub-subjects in the Bildwörterbuch Online are represented by thumbnails, which appear in the centre of the screen and provide access to the content of the dictionary. You can navigate within the dictionary by clicking on these thumbnails or by clicking on the themes and sub-themes that appear on the menu on the left side of the screen.

You can also move from one level to another by clicking on a level title. The level titles appear at the top of the content screens and indicate the position in the dictionary structure. Click on a level title or on a sub-theme of the menu on the left side of the screen to access the table of contents for this level.

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Navigate in the content screen

When you click on a term in a content screen, the screen scrolls down to the term's translation. You can access the content screen of an associated subject by clicking on an overview in the 'See also' section. When there are more than five overviews in this section, you can navigate through the overviews with the arrows. An overview can also appear below the definition of a term when a content screen is directly related to it.

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Listen to the pronunciation of a term

In a content screen, you can listen to the pronunciation of a term by clicking on the audio icon that appears with the term and its translation. A pop-up window will open. Click on the audio icon in this window to play and replay the pronunciation. When you are done, close the pop-up window.

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Blog an image

You can add an image to your blog by clicking on the 'Blog this' link at the top of the content page. A new page will appear with an overview of the selected image. Copy and paste the HTML tag into your blog.

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Search for an image

You can use the index to quickly find a term or an image in the dictionary. Type the first letters of the search word in the input field. Select the search word in the word list. Click on the 'Go to' button to access the search results, which are the overviews of the content screens associated with the selected word. Click on an overview to access a content screen.

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Game of the week
Play the game

Click on the 'Play' button to start the game. The goal of the game is to place the terms appearing at the bottom of the screen in the correct place. To place a term, simply slide it to the correct box or click directly on the correct box. When a term is placed correctly, a new term appears at the bottom of the screen until all the terms have been placed in the correct place.

You can click on the 'Skip' button at the bottom of the screen to pass over the current term and return to it later. The statistics, next to the 'Skip' button, display the number of successful tries out of the total number of tries for the current game.

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Send the game to a friend

You can also invite a friend to discover the game of the week. Click on the 'Refer a friend' submenu from the Games menu at the top of the screen or on the 'Send to a friend' link located at the bottom of the game screen. All you have to do is complete the form, making sure that you fill in all the required fields. After clicking on SEND NOW, an e-mail containing a link to the game will be sent to your friend.

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Subscribe to the game of the week

To sign up for the game of the week, click on the ‘Subscribe’ link located at the bottom of the game screen. Fill in all the required fields in the form and click on SEND NOW. An e-mail confirming your registration will be sent to you shortly.

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