Behind the Bildwörterbuch

The Bildwörterbuch  has been created by an in-house team of professional terminologists, experienced editors, highly skilled illustrators and talented designers. A team of experts in each precise field has approved all the images, words and definitions.

The IMAGE realistically and precisely shows an object, a process or a phenomenon, and the most significant details of its composition. It serves as a visual definition for each of the terms presented. The image often combines different views of the same thing. This makes it easier to understand and allows for the addition of the complete terminology associated with the object, process or phenomenon. There’s nothing like an illustration to make things clear.

The TERMINOLOGY has been established by a team of professional terminologists who studied a great quantity of high-quality documentation, looking for the term that designates each respective notion. They chose the term that is most frequently used and often recommended by official agencies. The goal of the Visual  is to accurately and reliably name phenomena, objects and their parts, represented in images.